Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Who's Coming, Who's Going?

There are just three days left until the trade deadline, and Larry Luchino recently said that the team would look into satisfying Manny Ramirez's trade request. But don't count on them finding any suitable takers. Nobody but Steinbrenner - with the possible exception of Omar Minaya - would touch Manny's contract, and we all know management would never let him end up in pinstripes. Although a change of scenery might be best for Manny and the club, it would be very difficult for the Sox to make up that kind of incredible offensive production. Players with that level of talent don't come along every day, and aren't always available on the trade market.

Red Sox Nation needs to brace itself. The club will have to give up some good talent to get a good player in return. The question is who? Manny's been a vital component to the club in terms of both chemistry and production. But all of the guys that everyone has wanted to run out of town - Belhorn, Millar, Embree etc. have little trade value. Even Bill Meuller won't garner much in return (due to his age, ailing knees and pending free agency) and the fans love him - for good reason. Most of the organization's trading leverage comes from the minor league system. They certainly don't need anyone else's prospects. Their system is filled with them. The Sox need impact pitching now, and so Red Sox Nation should be prepared for what could transpire. We likely won't see the least productive or least popular players leaving town. Quite the opposite is true. And at least one or two or the team's heralded prospects may realize their true potential in another city, and in another uniform.

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