Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Even though Torii Hunter is under contract to the Twins for this season, and Gary Sheffield to the Yankees, that hasn't stopped Johnny Damon from plotting the future of both players. Both are free agents after this year, and Damon has plans for each of them.

Damon says he's willing to move to right field if the Yankees acquire Hunter, who has talked openly about playing for the Yankees if the Twins do not show a commitment to winning beyond this season.

I wonder what Damon's teammate, Sheffield, thinks about Johnny's plans? It can't be good for team chemistry and accord when one outfielder is actively trying to supplant another.

Says Damon, "I know how good Torii Hunter is, and he would be a good fit. We still have Gary Sheffield (in right field), which Gary may end up moving to the DH spot. I'm sure there's a lot that we can do. Whatever makes the team better."

Asked if he would be willing to switch positions again to make way for Hunter, Damon spoke freely before realizing that he isn't the Yankees GM.

"I had to do it for Carlos Beltran to make his job easier in the big leagues, and he seemed to do pretty good," Damon said. "Yeah, it doesn't matter to me. Whatever needs to be done. It's all about going out there and trying to win. (Hunter is) definitely one of the game's best players, but I'll leave that up to (Yankees general manager) Brian Cashman. I can't be running my mouth."

I bet Gary Sheffield would tell him the same thing.

The Yankees and their fans may already be learning what the Red Sox and their fans have known for the past few years. Johnny loves a microphone and especially a camera, and he never misses an opportunity to share his profound wisdom. Like a moth to a flame he is drawn, burned at times by his own words.

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