Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


First Tuesday's Providence Journal reported, "it appears agent Greg Genske has communicated to management that Ramirez is so intent on being dealt that he will accept a trade almost anywhere."

Then Gordon Edes reported that Manny's agents, Genske and Gene Mato, "threw out is the possibility that Manny's contract will be extended, or restructured, to make a deal happen."

With Manny having given his reps a mandate to do whatever they can to get him out of town, one has to ask, why? What would make Manny so desperate to get out of Boston?

In a recent interview, David Ortiz said that there were private issues that Manny and his wife were dealing with that were driving his determination to leave.

The question is, what kind of issues?

A source with knowledge of the situation tells me that Manny's considerable desire to get out of Boston stems from some serious girl trouble. Though the source wouldn't elaborate, it seems that Manny may have been having an affair and his wife found out. Now she wants him out of Beantown and away from his paramour.

Of course neither the Red Sox nor Manny Ramirez - or his representatives - will ever confirm this, but it gives his trade demand perspective and makes this issue a whole lot clearer.

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