Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Sunday, September 25, 2005


The Sox victory over Baltimore on Saturday was the team's 90th win of the season, making it the fourth consecutive year the team has accomplished that feat. That ties the record set by the 1914-1917 Red Sox teams. For the competitive club, it also marked the sixth time they've met the mark in the last eight seasons, and the 24th time, overall, in club history.

The Sox have been a very consistent team over that stretch, but it only matters this year if they make the playoffs. After all, that's what it's all about. They didn't come this far, and work this hard, to be sent packing in the earliest days of October. It all comes down to this final week, and most likely to next weekend's season-ending series against the Yanks at Fenway. It will surely be someone's season ending series. Neither team can count on the streaking Indians losing and surrendering the Wild Card spot. Even if the Indians pull ahead of Chicago to win the division, the White Sox would still likely end up as the Wild Card winner.

The Sox can't control whether or not the Yankees win or lose, but they can control their own destiny. All they can do is win - they have to win. The clubs are dead even with seven days, and seven games, to go. The best team will win the division, as well as a berth into the October hunt for a World Series title. It's winning time. Go Sox, go!

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