Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Jeremi Gonzalez continued his fine work out of the pen on Tuesday night. Gonzo pitched three scoreless innings and faced ten batters without giving up a hit. Gonzalez has started three games for the Sox this year, but it has been in his recent relief appearances that he's started to shine. In his last six outings, spanning 11 2/3 innings, the 30-year-old has given up just three hits and only one walk. Most importantly, he hasn't allowed a single run. Though his ERA stands at 5.09, that number has declined in each of those six successive appearances.

Those are some impressive numbers, and Gonzo has picked the right time to get hot. So far this year, Gonzalaez has arguably been the best surprise out of the Sox pen. Let's hope he can maintain it down the stretch. The team will need it.

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